Our Values

"Genderless Fashion"

Our Garments are designed by creating genderless patterns to flatter body types regardless of genders.

"Shared Closet"

OAO Collection promotes creating a shared space in each closet for fashion to be shared with partners, friends and family members. 

This forms a part of our vision to become a sustainable fashion brand.


At all stages of the design process, we pay attention to the huge importance of being comfortable.

We want our clients to wear our clothes while creating wonderful memories, such as: travelling, big events and hanging out with their loved ones.

"Size Flexible"

Every piece is made to fit different body sizes (From S, M to L and even XL - in industrial sizing)

* Models in the pictures wear the exact same piece and it fits their different body types

"Body Positivity"

OAO collection aims to empower individuals no matter of their body type or size to feel great about themselves.

We REFUSE the terms of sizes created by other brands such as "Large" & "Xlarge"; we offer standard "Universal Size"  however, if a client requests special requirements to feel more comfortable, we offer 2 other sizes upon requests "Petite" & "Relaxed"