The brand

OAO Collection was established in the times of Covid-19 pandemic, the initial idea behind the brand was to create comfortable designs that can be used for multiple occasions and still be comfortable to wear at home or to attend an online meeting, it also promotes the idea of "Shared Closet" allowing people to share garments regardless of the gender or size, which is available by offering one size "Universal Size" which fits both men and women with sizes from S to L or XL in industrial sizes.

The brand finds inspiration in traditional clothes from cultures around the world; the first collection was inspired by the Japanese Samurai. and we hope to continue finding inspiration in other cultures in the coming collections.

All garments are handmade and produced in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The designer - Umar

Umar studied languages, then started a career in the humanitarian sector, but he always knew that he would eventually reroute into the world of fashion as he always wanted to be a fashion designer. Umar decided that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and took sewing and pattern making courses in 2017.

This helped him form a better understanding of pattern making which led him to develop the size-less pattern which generates all the pieces of the collection.

He is usually inspired by emotions, music, drama and art in general.


"Clothes are just pieces of fabric, they don't have souls and certainly they don't have gender, it's us humans that give them souls"